Ma Cheri Cafe

🍦Cafe Cupcake " Ma Chérie " at Giardini

View on the Street from The Purple Lounge

View from Cafe at Giardini Purple Moon 🌛

Lake Shore Bar

Giardini Cafe with an old friend Miles

Purple Cafe Lounge

Cafe Lounge in Giardini di Vita

Memory Lane Street

Down to memory lane

Relaxing at the ocean plaza

Street Cafe at Giardini, avec mon mari. 💕.       Love this 8f8 IceDream set from few years ago. 🍦🍧🍭


Summer Restaurant “Under the stars”

Evening by the river


Farm Cottage – Everyone  is welcome for pictures

Little Retreat In Giardini (Pubic)


IceDream Cafe

Spring Promenade

Farm Grounds

Busy Morning in Giardini

Cafe “Ma Cheri”

"Ma Cherie"  Cafe at Giardini 💕🍒💕

The new Pine Plaza. (winter time 2015 – 2016)